CMS Requires New Reporting with the Person and Family Engagement Mandate

CMS Requires New Reporting with the Person and Family Engagement Mandate

Recently the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in accordance with requirement guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, instituted national tracking and reporting mandates. The most recent of those being the Person and Family Engagement Mandate.

These mandates help to ensure that health care facilities adhere to strict policies and practices. The Person and Family Mandate, which took effect November 22, 2016, is essential in providing patient centered care for every single patient our health care facilities encounter. No matter the reason treatment is being sought, a patient has the express right to be directly involved in their own care.

So, how does that translate to the real world for patient care facilities? While each facility will have slightly different reporting practices, all will have to track and report interactions between patients and anyone concerned with their care. The Family section of this mandate can translate to anyone who comes into contact with the patient regarding their treatment or direct care.

  • Informal Caregiver-a family member or friend.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide
  • RN
  • LPN
  • Doctor
  • Specialist
  • Surgeon
  • A patient Ombudsman
  • Patient Advocate
  • Court Ordered Advocate
  • Court Ordered Guardian(s)

While this list doesn’t include everyone who may come in contact with a patient during the course of their treatment; it will give you an idea of the scope of tracking that your facility will have to monitor.

CareShare Manager Tackles Tracking and Subdues It

Learning how the new mandate effects your facility, being ready in time to meet the regulatory deadline and making sure you’re teams are set up correctly to monitor their respective interactions can be more than overwhelming when you’re running things day to day with new patients coming in constantly and current ones being discharged.

Letting CareShare Manager Corp. help you quickly and efficiently facilitate this transition is the easiest way to get your facility ready for this mandates implementation. They have the tools to get you ready for compliance, make sure your staff knows what and when to monitor patient care interactions, and will have you ready for reporting well before the deadline. They’ll do all of this without interrupting your day to day business.

There’s no hiccups, no stumbling around, hoping you’ll be ready. It’s as simple as click, schedule, and done. Here’s just some of the benefits CareShare Manager Corp is dishing out.

  1. Instant Compliance-You’ll be ready to go with your tracking and reporting as soon as possible with CareShare Manager.
  2. Manager Specific-Whether you’re an activities manager, an administrator, an operations manager or even a volunteer coordinator; CareShare Manager has manager-specific information that will help your facility directly monitor patient treatment, recovery, and any other interaction that will need reporting to CMS.
  3. Fast and Scalable-One great benefit of CareShare Manager is its ability to scale to whatever your facility need. From the smallest to the largest facility, CareShare Manager is able to handle whatever your center can dish out to make sure every resident/patient is very well taken care of.

CareShare Manager is more than just a tracking facilitator. It’s a multi-layered, comprehensive program that will ensure complete compliance and the absolute best resident and/or patient care. Here are the components of their program:

  • Announcements: Secured, Documented Messaging in Real Time
  • Enriched Volunteer Experiences: Give your volunteers increased freedom and capabilities, add new activities and keep your volunteer community growing.
  • Groups and Events: Easily schedule events/activities for one patient/resident, or a whole group. Monitor each individual’s progress during each activity and their interactions all on their mobile devices.
  • Community Communications: Secure family interactions, secure video and phone messaging, secure network, no worries.
  • Patient/Family Profile-Integrate patient/resident and family information easily with CareShare Manager. All the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Universal Calendar-One Calendar for your entire facility, It can be done.
  • Photos and Videos-For patients that can’t enjoy the more mobile activities, being able to see photos and videos in real time can be a mood changer. Help your bed bound or immobile patients/residents enjoy photos and videos of friends and families with a community wide linkable system.
  • Marketing and Population Improvement-Easily track referrals, prospects and availabilities all while providing an interactive and ever-changing calendar of events on your website fed by CareShare Manager.
  • Reporting and Analysis-Instantly create customizable reports for everything your facility does.
  • Staff Productivity and Skill Alignment-CMS ready reporting, you’ll be able to keep track of each staff members training and their individual interaction with each resident/patient. You’ll know everything they do from punching in to heading home.
  • Facility Maintenance and Asset Management-Whatever your maintenance budget, you’ll be able to track repairs completed, repairs pending, supply lists, acquisitions and everything in between.
  • Integration Ready and Launch Time-In as little as two weeks, CareShare Manager Corp. can have your entire staff brought up to date on everything they need to know. We’ll fix what’s broken while you keep using what you love.
  • Implementation, Training and Support-Built with residents/patients, staff and users in mind; CareShare Manager is an easily useable system that will give you Best Practices and every policy for easy implementation, training and logistics.

CareShare Manager Corp has the superior answer for getting your facility up to date and compliance ready for the Person and Family Engagement mandate. Their comprehensive program will have your facility running as smooth as butter in as little as two weeks. However, just in case the sixteen tier integrated program isn’t quite enough; they’re also offering a bonus for facilities that schedule a consultation.

If your facility could use a bump in their activities fund, you’re going to want to schedule that brief demonstration before January 1, 2017; because if you do, you’ll get a nice $250 donation towards your activities fund.

Should you decide to purchase CareShare Manager, they will honor free implementation, training and loading of data through March 31, 2017. Talk about a deal, this package is worth $10,000 and you’ll get it absolutely free!


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