What is CareShare Manager?

Learn how Careshare Manager will help families and elder care providers

CareShare Manager is a fully customizable, cloud-based solution that is unbelievably flexible and cost effective, allowing your facility to deliver an extraordinary experience for your residents, patients, their families, your volunteers, and staff and more easily comply with CMS and State Audits.

We designed CareShare Manager with a number of functions that facilitate a resident/patient centric approach. We make it easy to schedule, track and measure resident related activity, behaviors, and outcomes and analyze those over time. Whether it is therapy or recreation, visits or outings, your staff can utilize any mobile device to collect and communicate immediate and fresh observations. The benefit – a measurable increase in the efficiency and productivity of your facility’s staff and volunteers and the collection of current and fresh data about your community of patients and residents.

Finally, and of great importance is that your family members are given access to important and current information about their loved one 24/7/365 from any internet capable device, any time of the day, or night – updated by CareShare Manager.

In a recent University of Chicago study, 54% of families who have a loved one in Assisted Living or Long Term Care reported they only hear from their loved one’s facility provider in case of emergencies. 65% of those same surveyed families wanted updates weekly or daily. Each resident/patient may have several family members concerned about their loved one’s care. However, it is physically and logistically impossible to manually keep hundreds of family members updated on a daily or weekly basis.

CareShare Manager does that for you while you decide what information needs to be shared. This is where CareShare Manager’s revolutionary Family and Volunteer Community Communication Manager is helping providers communicate what they want, when they want, to whom they want. Engaged families significantly help reduce providers’ risk, which they face on a regular basis, but also generate additional referrals and provide a unique marketing advantage for your facility.